Thursday, June 5, 2008


this book has a million great recipes and is easily my favorite cookbook. the current Amazon price of $18.00 is, in my opinion, a steal. some of the recipes are a bit time-consuming, but they are great for a special occasion or if you have to feed folks who aren't used to eating 800 calories a day.


Jami said...

What a great idea for a blog, Ame. It will indeed be nice to not have to wade through recipes for vegan cupcakes in order to find a good way to cook cabbage (which, incidentally, I have discovered and will post as soon as my children and not both sitting in my lap). And I intend to buy the cookbook as soon as I can find some money.

Kate said...

Veganomicon is a dream come true, but I think that the recipies are extremely time consuming. Childlesshousewives aside, I think that very few will have time to regularly make these delicious recipies. The Kale enchiladas are particularly tasty.