Saturday, June 28, 2008

Party time

I have come to the conclusion that, while special food is a critical part of most celebrations, disease-promoting food is not. My current feeling is that there are a million ways to make special food for special occasions without sacrificing the nurtient-density whatsoever. Or at least muchsoever. One way to show the ones you love how much you care is to make foods that take an exorbitant amount of time to prepare. This watermelon bowl (which would have had scalloped edges if I had been in the mood to spend ten hours on the thing instead of just five) took a lot of time, but when we took it to the primary barbeque on Thursday, it was the most appealing thing on the table. Who would want a hotdog when they could have beautiful, perfect watermelon and cantaloupe balls with strawberries?

Not even I.

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