Thursday, June 5, 2008

Salad Container

this little baby is my best friend. it is a giant container i got at ikea and it holds three heads, or nearly a week's worth around here, of chopped/shredded lettuce. i find having the greens already prepared makes me far more inclined to slam some stuff on top of them and eat egregious amounts.


Jami said...

Is the container specifically for salad? Does it help keep the greens fresh, or is just great due to being the perfect size?

amy said...

the nice large size is the main selling point, although it does a have a plastic grate-like contraption that ostensibly allows water to drain off of the greens and into a pool beneath the grate, keeping them fresher. they greens will keep long enough for us to eat a full container's worth, as long as we are being serious salad eaters.